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A Course in Behavioral Economics

A Course in Behavioral Economics


Palgrave Macmillan (Reino Unido)

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Idioma inglés. A Course in Behavioral Economics is a concise and reader-friendly introduction to one of the hottest developments in social and behavioral science today. Covering all core areas of the subject, Erik Angner clearly lays out the theory and explains the intuitions behind it. A rich selection of applications from economics, management, marketing, political science, and public policy illustrate how useful behavioral economics can be. No advanced mathematics is required.

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This redesigned and updated second edition: * includes a brand new chapter on behavioral welfare economics and the nudge agenda; * contains new sections on overconfi dence, projection bias, and more; and * offers an expanded range of real-life examples and exercises, refl ecting the continued uptake of behavioral economics across the disciplines. It is an ideal textbook for students coming to behavioral economics from various fields, for general readers looking for a thorough and readable introduction to the subject, and for anyone who has been captivated by popular-science books on behavioral economics and wants to know more. Available to lecturers: access to a wealth of resources at http://www.palgrave.com/angner2, including sample syllabi, an instructor's guide, sample handouts and examinations, and PowerPoint slides.

1 Introduction PART I CHOICE UNDER CERTAINTY 2 Rational Choice Under Certainty 3 Decision-making Under Certainty PART II JUDGMENT UNDER RISK AND UNCERTAINTY 4 Probability Judgment 5 Judgment Under Risk and Uncertainty PART III CHOICE UNDER RISK AND UNCERTAINTY 6 Rational Choice Under Risk and Uncertainty 7 Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty PART IV INTERTEMPORAL CHOICE 8 The Discounted Utility Model 9 Intertemporal Choice PART V STRATEGIC INTERACTION 10 Analytical Game Theory 11 Behavioral Game Theory PART VI CONCLUDING REMARKS 12 Behavioral Welfare Economics, Libertarian Paternalism, and the Nudge Agenda 13 General Discussion 

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