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A Critical History of Financial Crisis

A Critical History of Financial Crisis


Intersentia Ltd. (Reino Unido)

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Idioma Inglés. "Why Would Politicians and Regulators Spoil Financial Giants?

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This book explains in clear and intuitive terms how the economic environment changed throughout 10 of the most spectacular financial crises of the past century. On the one hand, it shows that the lack of effective regulation, relevant data, and adequate understanding of the economic environment were among the facilitators of the crises. On the other hand, it highlights the role that ill-incentivized bankers and accountants, biased politicians, euphoric investors, speculators, and corrupt managers played in the evolution of bubbles and crises. The first few chapters offer a brief and informal review of bubbles and key concepts in multinational finance and macroeconomics, making the book accessible to any curious reader. Each of the 10 crises is presented in an informal manner, followed by a discussion of the key roles different players had in creating the crises and in coping with the outcomes. The last chapter summarizes the lessons for a free market economy and proposed remedies for financial crises. Written in a readable style without assuming prior knowledge in economics, Understanding Financial Crises will arm readers with a deeper understanding of the 10 major financial crises and the knowledge necessary for them to become prudent investors.

What are Financial Crises?; Defining Financial Bubbles; The Least You Should Know About International And Macroeconomics; Shaky Banking: The risks of "Bank Runs"; The Roaring 20's and 1929 Bubble Crash; The Great Depression of the 30's; The 1983 Systemic Banking Crisis in Israel; Accountants, Politicians, and Big Money: The Failure of Audit and the Confidence Crisis of 2001 - 2004; The Internet Bubble and Crash: 1995 - 2000; The Series of Financial Crises in South America; Shocks in East Asia and the LTCM Collapse; Securitization and the Real-Estate Crisis: US 2003 - 2009; The World Financial Crisis of 2008; Epilogue: Regulation and Boundaries to the Free Market System

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