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AJCC Cancer Staging Manual. 8 edition (hardcover)

AJCC Cancer Staging Manual. 8 edition (hardcover)


AJCC American Joint Commitee on Cancer (Estados Unidos)

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Editors: Amin, M.B., Edge, S., Greene, F., Byrd, D.R., Brookland, R.K., Washington, M.K., Gershenwald, J.E., Compton, C.C., Hess, K.R., Sullivan, D.C., Jessup, J.M., Brierley, J.D., Gaspar, L.E., Schilsky, R.L., Balch, C.M., Winchester, D.P., Asare, E.A., Madera, M., Gress, D.M., Meyer, L.R. (Eds.).

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The AJCC Cancer Staging Manual is used by physicians and health care professionals throughout the world to facilitate the uniform description and reporting of neoplastic diseases. Proper classification and staging of cancer is essential for the physician to assign proper treatment, evaluate results of management and clinical trials, and to serve as the standard for local, regional and international reporting on cancer incidence and outcome.
Significantly expanded and developed by international disease site expert panels, the Eighth Edition AJCC Cancer Staging Manual brings together all the currently available knowledge on staging of cancer at various anatomic sites. In this edition, evidence-based TNM staging is supplemented, as appropriate, by selected molecular markers and newly acquired insights into the molecular underpinnings of cancer. This edition features 12 entirely new staging systems, a wide range of changed or new staging definitions, and a refined emphasis on a personalized-medicine approach. To enhance the print and electronic usability of the cancer staging forms, they are now available exclusively for access and downloading at www.cancerstaging.org.
The Eighth Edition AJCC Cancer Staging Manual remains the gold standard reference for oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, cancer registrars and medical professionals world-wide to ensure that all those caring for cancer patients are fully versed in the language of cancer staging.

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