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An Introduction to Macroeconomics

An Introduction to Macroeconomics


Edward Elgar (Reino Unido)

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Idioma Inglés. A Heterodox Approach to Economic Analysis

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This important new book introduces students to the fundamental ideas of heterodox economics, presented in a clear and accessible way by top heterodox scholars. It offers not only a critique of the dominant approach to economics, but also a positive and constructive alternative. Students interested in an explanation of the real world will find the heterodox approach not only satisfying, but ultimately better able to explain a money-using economy prone to periods of instability and crises.Key features of this textbook include:* A non-conventional understanding of economic analysis on a number of relevant topics* Deep and convincing criticism of orthodox thinking* Discussion of the crucial importance of money, banking and finance today* Analysis of the roots of the 2008 global financial crisis* A presentation of the features of sustainable development.Undergraduate students studying economics at all levels can use this textbook to deepen their understanding of the heterodox approach, the fundamental roots of the 2008 global financial crisis and the need to rethink economics afresh.

ContentsIntroduction: The Need for a Heterodox Approach to Economic Analysis Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio RossiPART I ECONOMICS, ECONOMIC ANALYSIS, AND ECONOMIC SYSTEMS1. What is Economics? Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi2. The History of Economic Theories Heinrich Bortis3. Monetary Economies of Production Louis-Philippe RochonPART II MONEY, BANKS, AND FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES4. Money and Banking Marc Lavoie and Mario Seccareccia5. The Financial System Jan Toporowski6. The Central Bank and Monetary Policy Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio RossiPART III THE MACROECONOMICS OF THE SHORT AND LONG RUN7. Aggregate Demand Jesper Jespersen8. Inflation and Unemployment Alvaro Cencini and Sergio Rossi9. The Role of Fiscal Policy Malcolm Sawyer10. Economic Growth and Development Mark Setterfield11. Wealth Distribution Omar HamoudaPART IV INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY12. International Trade and Development Robert A. Blecker13. Balance-of-payments Constrained Growth John McCombie and Nat Tharnpanich14. European Monetary Union Sergio RossiPART V RECENT TRENDS15. Financialization Gerald A. Epstein16. Imbalances and Crises Robert Guttmann17. Sustainable Development Richard P.F. HoltConclusion: Do we Need Microfoundations for Macroeconomics? John KingIndex 

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