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Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation


Oxford University Press (Reino Unido)

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Idioma Inglés. The Organizational Dimension

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Business model innovation is an important source of competitive advantage and corporate renewal. An increasing number of companies have to innovate their business models, not just because of competitive forces but also because of the ongoing change from product-based to service-based business models. Yet, business model innovation also involves organizational change process that challenges existing processes, structures and modes of control. This volume features thirteen chapters written by authorities on business model innovation. The specific angle, and the novel feature of this book, is to thoroughly examine the organizational dimension of business model innovation. Drawing on organizational theory and empirical observation, the contributors specifically highlight organizational design aspects of business model innovation, focusing on how reward systems, power distributions, routines and standard operating procedures, the allocation of authority, and other aspects of organizational structure and control should be designed to support the business model the firm chooses. Also discussed is how existing organizational structures, capabilities, beliefs, cultures and so on influence the firm's ability to flexibly change to new business models.

1. Business Models and Business Model Innovation: Bringing Organization into the Discussion, Nicolai Foss and Tina Saebi 2. Business Model Innovation and Organizational Design: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective, Sunyoung Leih, Greg Linden and David J. Teece 3. Towards a Theory of Business Model Change, Jose Santos, Bert Spector, and Ludo van den Heyden 4. A Corporate View of Business Model Innovations, Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Joan E. Ricart, and Jorge Tarzijan 5. Management Models and Business Models, Julian Birkinshaw and Shaz Ansari 6. Business Model Innovation: The Role of Leadership, Nils Stieglitz and Nicolai Foss, 7. How Established Firms Exploit Disruptive Business Model Innovation: Strategic and Organizational Challenges, Costas Markides 8. Evolution, Adaptation or Innovation? A Contingency Framework on Business Model Dynamics, Tina Saebi 9. Innovative Business Models in High-tech Entrepreneurial Ventures: the Organizational Design Challenges, Massimo Colombo, Cristina Rossi-Lamastra, and Ali Mohammadi 10. Service-driven Business Model Innovation - Organizing the Shift from a Product-based to a Service-centric Business Model, Daniel Kindstrom, and Christian Kowalkowski 11. A Business Model Innovation by an Incumbent Late Mover: Containerization in Maersk Line, Torben Pedersen and Henrik Sornn-Friese 12. Business Model Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Supporting Role of Organizational Design, Klement Rasmussen and Nicolai Foss 13. The Organizational Dimension of Business Model Exploration: Evidence from the European Postal Industry, Marcel Bogers, Kristian J. Sund, and Juan Andrei Villarroel

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