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Crisis Proofing

Crisis Proofing


Oxford University Press (Estados Unidos)

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Idioma Inglés.How to Save Your Company from Disaster

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All organizations- regardless of size, structure or nature of business are vulnerable to a crisis and one of the greatest vulnerabilities is the belief that it wont happen to us. No organization is immune: the threat and impact of a crisis applies equally to corporations, governments, charities and not-for-profit organizations, as well as institutions such as hospitals and schools. Crisis Proofing introduces readers to the concept of crisis proofing the corporation to help business executives and communication professionals recognize that a crisis is one of the greatest financial and reputational risks to an organization. It provides practical steps on what can be done to reduce the chances of a crisis and how to minimize the damage if a crisis should occur. The book explores the benefits and limitations of crisis proofing (and the cost of failing to crisis proof an organization), as well as some of the challenges and techniques for effective crisis proofing, such as the balance between fact and perception, how to navigate the legal minefield and how to manage potential crisis risks across borders

1. Why crisis proofing is important 2. Opportunity and the penalty for bad behaviour 3. The high cost of not crisis proofing 4. How to know a crisis is coming 5. Getting the language right 6. Fitting it all together 7. Actions you can take to prevent a crisis happening in the first place 8. Taking a strategic approach 9. Things you can do to prepare for the obvious crises 10. Putting the crisis plan together 11. How to minimise damage when a crisis strikes 12. What to do after the crisis seems to be over 13. No, its not just about facts and data 14. No, its not just about the law either 15. Why lawyers dont like you to apologise 16. Social media: both a strength and a threat 17. Social media: do it fast and do it right 18. Managing crises across borders 19. Recognising and responding to cross-border crises 20. Its all about leadership

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