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Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values "A Guidebook for Executives, Managers and Students"

Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values "A Guidebook for Executives, Managers and Students"


Routledge (Reino Unido)

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Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values is an easy-to-understand guidebook that draws on the latest digital tactics and strategic insights to help organizations generate sustainable growth through digital integration.

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It provides a roadmap to adopt a digital mindset, incorporate digital trends strategically, and integrate the most effective digital tactics and tools with core values to achieve competitive advantage. Bringing the reader through its five-step Path to Digital Integration (Mindset, Model, Strategy, Implementation, and Sustainability), Digital Marketing seeks to * Outline the key drivers of change and leading digital marketing trends executives need to understand and incorporate to drive business opportunity. * Evaluate the digital channels and technologies management teams can leverage to execute a successful Integrated Digital Marketing strategy. This includes insight into the latest digital tactics (website, social, mobile, search, content, and email marketing; data analytics) and social tools (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus). * Discover the impact of digital transformation on the organization, from the effect of digital tactics on the customer experience (CX) to the value of integrating internal digital strategies to facilitate collaboration and innovation. * Guide aspiring leaders on how to combine core values and business goals with progressive digital strategies, tactics, and tools to generate sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders. This interactive guidebook provides a truly Connected Digital Experience (CDE): the Zappar augmented reality mobile app allows the reader to activate the "Discover More" and "Play Video" icons found throughout the book, instantly connecting the reader, via their mobile device, to additional content housed on our companion website, Digital Marketing Resource Center (www.dmresourcecenter.org). "Play Video" icons incorporate point-in-time video commenting solution Vusay to enable interactive social conversations around each video. Digital Marketing is the ideal guide for aspiring leaders - executives, instructors, owners, entrepreneurs, managers, students - at all stages of digital literacy.

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