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Fractal and Trans-Scale Nature of Entropy

Fractal and Trans-Scale Nature of Entropy


Elsevier (España)

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1st Edition Towards a Geometrization of Thermodynamics

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Fractal and Trans-Scale Nature of Entropy develops a new vision of entropy in thermodynamics. It is based on a specific geometry which would be the spatial support for entropy, a geometry called "entropic skins geometry" where the fundamental components of a general thermodynamical process are surfaces or lines having some specific multi-scale geometries. This book thus proposes a way to geometrize the concept of entropy. We investigate how  this approach can let  deal with a large number and very different physical systems going from combustion and turbulence towards cosmology. We propose for instance a simple interpretation of  the Hawking entropy in the black-hole physics. The  geometrical concepts we develop can also provide a new way to consider ecosystems, urban dynamics and human cognition. We show that this leads to an original and positive interpretation of entropy which today is lacking. In life sciences, entropy appears as the driving element for the organization of systems: this book aims to demonstrate this fact via simple pedagogical tools. We will show that entropy  can not be interpreted as a  basic "measure of disorder" anymore but rather as the measure of the dispersion of energy and of its capacity to form structure and organization.

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