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Making Corporate Social Responsibility a Global Concern

Making Corporate Social Responsibility a Global Concern


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In recent decades, claims have increasingly been made on transnational corporations to take responsibility for the promotion and protection of human and labour rights in countries where they operate. This behavioural obligation results from the persistent advocacy of non-governmental organizations and is commonly known as corporate social responsibility (CSR). Driven by the theory of the 'norm life cycle model', the book uses an interesting range of case studies, including Nike and the anti-apartheid movement, to trace the development of CSR as an international norm. The development is examined through five selected non-governmental organizations: Clean Clothes Campaign, Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International, Global Exchange, International Business Leaders Forum and the International Labor Rights Fund. The book makes a lucid contribution to an emerging scholarship, and will interest researchers and practitioners involved in issues of global governance and global civil society

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  • Contents: Introduction; Norms, globalization and human rights; Emergence of corporate social responsibility in the 1970s; New issues of corporate social responsibility introduced; Development towards 'norm tipping' and activist organizations; Involvement by business initiatives and multi-stakeholder organizations; Norm cascade of the 1990s: mushrooming of initiatives and the targeting of Nike; Continued norm cascade: voluntary standards, accountability through law, and good practice and partnership; Incipient norm internalization and the case for norm consolidation; Summary and concluding discussion; Bibliography; Appendices; Index.

  • About the Author: Lisbeth Segerlund, Assistant Professor in International Relations, Stockholm University, Sweden

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