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Monetary Analysis at Central Banks

Monetary Analysis at Central Banks


Palgrave Macmillan (Reino Unido)

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Idioma inglés. Whatever happened to the money supply? This book explains how the analysis of monetary and credit aggregates is undertaken at the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and (as an example of a developing country) the Bank of Tanzania. The book also explores how this analysis relates to these central banks' monetary policy strategies and how it feeds into policymaking. An editorial introduction provides the intellectual and historical background - from the contributions of key economists such as Milton Friedman and Jacques Polak, to monetary targeting and inflation targeting - and argues that central banks and policy analysts would be foolish to neglect the insights monetary analysis can offer. The papers compiled in Monetary Analysis at Central Banks demonstrate just how useful and varied those insights are

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1. Introduction: Monetary Analysis and Monetary Policy; David Cobham.- 2. The Analysis of Money and Credit during the Financial Crisis: The Approach at the Bank of England; Jon Bridges, James Cloyne, Ryland Thomas and Alex Tuckett.- 3. Central Banks as Balance Sheets of Last Resort: The ECB's Monetary Policy in a Flow-of-funds Perspective; Philippine Cour-Thimann and Bernhard Winkler.- 4. Evolving Monetary Policy Frameworks in Low Income Countries: The Tanzanian Experience; Christopher Adam, Pantaleo Kessy and Ben Langford. 

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