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New Advances in Statistical Modeling and Applications

New Advances in Statistical Modeling and Applications


Springer (Alemania)

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Idioma inglés. This volume of the Selected Papers is a product of the XIX Congress of the Portuguese Statistical Society, held at the Portuguese town of Nazare, from September 28 to October 1, 2011. All contributions were selected after a thorough peer-review process. It covers a broad scope of papers in the areas of Statistical Science, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Extremes and Statistical Applications.

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Part I Statistical Science: The Non-Mathematical Side of Statistics (Joao A. Branco).- Outliers: The Strength of Minors (Fernando Rosado).- Resampling Methodologies in the Field of Statistics of Univariate Extremes (M. Ivette Gomes).- Robust Functional Principal Component Analysis (Juan Lucas Bali and Graciela Boente).- Testing the Maximum by the Mean in Quantitative Group (Joao Paulo Martins, Rui Santos and Ricardo Sousa).- Testing Serial Correlation Using the Gauss-Newton Regression (Efigenio Rebelo, Patricia Oom do Valle and Rui Nunes).- Part II Probability and Stochastic Processes: Cantor Sets with Random Repair (M. Fatima Brilhante, Dinis Pestana and M. Luisa Rocha).Nearest Neighbor Connectivity in Two-Dimensional Multihop MANETs (Goncalo Jacinto, Nelson Antunes and Antonio Pacheco).- Modeling Human Population Death Rates: A Bi-dimensional Stochastic Gompertz Model with Correlated Wiener Processes (Sandra Lagarto and Carlos A. Braumann).- Consequences of an Incorrect Model Specification on Population Growth (Clara Carlos and Carlos A. Braumann).- Individual Growth in a Random Environment: an Optimization Problem (Patricia A. Filipe, Carlos A. Braumann, Clara Carlos and Carlos J. Roquete).- Valuation of Bond Options under the CIR Model: Some Computational Remarks (Manuela Larguinho, Jose Carlos Dias, and Carlos A. Braumann).- Part III Extremes: A Semi-Parametric Estimator of a Shape Second Order Parameter (Frederico Caeiro and M. Ivette Gomes).- Peaks over Random Threshold Asymptotically Best Linear Estimation of the Extreme Value Index (L. Henriques-Rodrigues and M. Ivette Gomes).- Extremal Quantiles, Value-at-Risk, quasi-PORT and DPOT (P. Araujo Santos and M.I. Fraga Alves).- The MOP EVI-Estimator Revisited (M. Fatima Brilhante, M. Ivette Gomes and Dinis Pestana).- Tail Dependence of a Pareto Process (Marta Ferreira).- Application of the Theory of Extremes to the Study of Precipitation in Madeira Island: Statistical Choice of Extreme Domains of Attraction (Delia Gouveia, Luiz Guerreiro Lopes and Sandra Mendonca).- The Traveling Salesman Problem and the Gnedenko Theorem (Tiago Salvador and Manuel Cabral Morais).- Part IV Statistical Applications: Brugada Syndrome Diagnosis - Three Approaches to Combining Diagnostic Markers (Carla Henriques, Ana Cristina Matos, and Luis Ferreira dos Santos).- Hierarchical Normal Mixture Model to Analyse HIV/AIDS LOS (Sara Simoes Dias, Valeska Andreozzi and Maria Oliveira Martins).- Volatility and Returns of the Main Stock Indices (Thelma Safadi and Airlane P. Alencar).- Fires in Portugal (Isabel Natario, M. Manuela Oliveira and Susete Marques).- Forecast Intervals with Boot. EXPOS (Clara Cordeiro and M. Manuela Neves).- Table-graph: a New Approach to Visualize Multivariate Data. Analysis of Chronic Diseases in Portugal (Alexandra Pinto).- Application of Item Response Theory to Mathematics High School Exams in Portugal (Goncalo Jacinto, Paulo Infante and Claudia Pereira).- Evora Residents and Sports Activity (Luisa Carvalho, Paulo Infante and Anabela Afonso). 

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