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Public Finance and Public Policy. 6° edición

Public Finance and Public Policy. 6° edición


Worth Publishers (Reino Unido)

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We are currently engaged in the most fundamental debate about the role of government in decades, and who better than Jonathan Gruber to guide students through the particulars in the new edition of his best-selling text, Public Finance and Public Policy, 6e. The new edition details ongoing policy debates, with special focus on the largest tax reform in 30 years. New topics include universal basic income, the legalisation of weed, and congestion pricing. And, of course, there is an extensive, in-depth discussion of the debate over health care At the heart of this new edition is the authors belief that at no other time has it been so important to know the facts, to distinguish facts from falsehoods, and to be thinking clearly about problem, policy, and politics. The sixth edition delivers on all counts.

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PART I Introduction and Background 1. Why Study Public Finance? 2.Theoretical Tools of Public Finance 3.Empirical Tools of Public Finance 4. Budget Analysis and Deficit Financing.- PART II Externalities and Public Goods 5. Externalities: Problems and Solutions 6. Externalities in Action: Environmental and Health Externalities 7. Public Goods 8. Cost-Benefit Analysis.-9. Political Economy 10. State and Local Government Expenditures 11. Education.- PART III Social Insurance and Redistribution 12. Social Insurance: The New Function of Government 13. Social Security 14. Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Workers Compensation 15. Health Insurance I: Health Economics and Private Health Insurance 16. Health Insurance II: Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Care Reform 17. Income Distribution and Welfare Programs.- PART IV Taxation in Theory and Practice 18. Taxation: How It Works and What It Means 19. The Equity Implications of Taxation: Tax Incidence 20. Tax Inefficiencies and Their Implications for Optimal Taxation 21. Taxes on Labor Supply 22. Taxes on Savings 23. Taxes on Risk Taking and Wealth 24. Taxation of Business Income 25. Fundamental Tax Reform and Consumption Taxation

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