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Routledge Handbook of the History of Global Economic Thought

Routledge Handbook of the History of Global Economic Thought


Routledge (Reino Unido)

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Idioma inglés. The Routledge Handbook of the History of Global Economic Thought offers the first comprehensive overview of the long-run history of economic thought from a truly international perspective. Although globalization has facilitated the spread of ideas between nations, the history of economics has tended to be studied either thematically (by topic), in terms of different currents of thought, or individually (by economist

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 Work has been published in the past on the economic thought traditions of specific countries, but this pioneering volume is unique in offering a wide-ranging comparative account of the development of economic ideas and philosophies on the international stage. The volume brings together leading experts on the development of economic ideas from across the world in order to offer a truly international comparison of the economics within nation-states. Each author presents a long-term perspective on economics in their region, allowing global patterns in the progress of economic ideas over time to be identified. The specially commissioned chapters cover the vast sweep of the history of economics across five world regions, including Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Russia and the Ukraine), the Americas (the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America, Spanish-Speaking South America, Brazil and the Caribbean), the Middle East (Turkey, Israel, Arab-Islamic Economics, Persia/Iran, North Africa), Africa (West Africa, Southern Africa, Mozambique and Angola), and the Asia-Pacific Region (Australia and New Zealand, China, Southeast Asia, the Asian Tigers, India.) This rigorous, ambitious and highly scholarly volume will be of key interest to students, academics, policy professionals and to interested general readers across the globe.

Section One: Europe 1. England 2. Scotland 3. Ireland 4. France 5. Italy 6. Austria 7. Germany 8. Spain and Portugal 9. Scandinavia 10. Greece 11. Central Europe 12. Russia and Ukraine Section Two: America and the New World 13. USA 14. Canada 15. Brazil 16. Spanish South America 17. Central America and Mexico 18. The Caribbean 19. Australia and New Zealand Section Three: The Middle East 20. Arabia (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq) 21. Israel 22. Persia (Iran) 23. North Africa 24. Turkey and Central Asia Section Four: Asia 25. Japan 26. China and Tibet 27. India 28. The Asian Tigers 29. South East Asia Section Five: Africa 30. Southern Africa 31. Eastern and Central Africa 32. Western Africa 33. African Planned Economies 

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