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The New Rules of Business

The New Rules of Business


Harriman House Publishing

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This is the ultimate guide to winning in business. Drawing on the experiences of some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives, it sheds light on the cut and thrust of commercial relationships and provides a candid insight into what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur. Themes include the role of failure, luck and risk, people, power, money, greed and ambition. Together, it reveals the essential underlying truths which define business in the twenty-first century. The book contains thoughts, anecdotes and advice from 36 business people drawn from a variety of backgrounds and career paths. Multi-millionaire heads of billion-pound businesses rub shoulders with chief executives of some of the world's biggest blue-chip companies. Also featured are celebrity investors, business TV show contestants, and even those who have fallen foul of the business rules and survived to tell the tale. It is a must read for anyone wanting to grow a business, become wealthy and powerful, or make a meteoric push up the career ladder.

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Ajaz Ahmed, AKQA
Syed Ahmed, The Apprentice
Sarah Beeny, Property Ladder
Lord Karan Bilimoria, Cobra Beer
Brad Burton, 4Networking
James Caan, Dragons' Den
Gerry Calabrese, The Hoxton Pony
Rupert Clevely, Geronimo Inns
Max Clifford, PR
Mark Constantine, Lush
Michelle Dewberry, The Apprentice
Sir Tom Farmer, Kwik-Fit
Anthony Ganjou, Curb
Dawn Gibbins, Flowcrete
David Gold, Ann Summers
Wayne Hemingway, Red or Dead
Jennifer Irvine, The Pure Package
Peter Jones, Dragons' Den
Kanya King, MOBO Awards
Martha Lane Fox, Lastminute.com
Steve Leach, Bigmouthmedia
Deborah Meaden, Dragons' Den
Adrian Moorhouse, Lane4
Charlie Mullins, Pimlico Plumbers
Simon Nixon, Moneysupermarket.com
Kavita Oberoi, Oberoi Consulting
Sam Malin, Madagascar Oil
Dame Mary Perkins, Specsavers
Keith Potts, Jobsite
Ian Powell, PwC
Doug Richard, Dragons' Den
Craig Sams, Green & Black's
Rob Shreeve, One Alfred Place
Gil Steyaert, Adidas
Ashley Ward, Wharfedale
Mark Zaleski, DailyMotion


Starting a Business
Customers and Competition
Family Businesses
Marketing and PR
People and Employees
Planning and Strategy
Sales and Selling

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