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The human atlas of Europe

The human atlas of Europe


Policy Press (Reino Unido)

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Idioma Inglès. A continent united in diversity

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What does Brexit actually mean for the United Kingdom and what are the wider implications for Europe? Was the UK "leave" vote actually symptomatic of broader issues within Europe such as population mobility and the rise of non-traditional parties? Written by leading international authors, this timely atlas explores Europe's society, culture, economy, politics, and environment using state of the art mapping techniques. With maps covering over eighty topics ranging from life expectancy to greenhouse gas emissions, gross domestic product, and Eurovision voting, The Human Atlas of Europe addresses fundamental questions around social cohesion and sustainable growth as Europe negotiates the United Kingdom's exit while continuing through the economic crisis. This concise, accessible atlas is packed with exciting features, including: short introductions to each topicmaps using the very latest datainfographics bringing this all to lifesummaries of key information including league tablescore statistics on Europe Taken as a whole, the atlas shows how geographical and state boundaries only tell a partial story. The people of Europe still live in a far more cohesive continent than they realize.

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