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Validamycin and Its Derivatives 1st Edition.

Validamycin and Its Derivatives 1st Edition.


Elsevier(Estados Unidos)

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Discovery, Chemical Synthesis, and Biological Activity

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Validamycin and Its Derivatives: Discovery, Chemical Synthesis and Biological Activity presents, for the first time, a complete review of the underlying chemistry, synthesis, behavior and application of these compounds.
Beginning with an introduction to validamycin, the book then outlines the key elements of its discovery and production, including details of its structures, isolation, analysis, and issues relating to its large scale production. View more >

Key Features

Offers complete coverage of validamycin chemistry from a highly experienced team of authors
Encourages the discovery of further novel drugs based on validamycin derivatives
Presents an interesting model for establishing new pharmaceutical leads from agricultural sources
Includes coverage of the total chemical synthesis of validamycin and its intermediates, including valienamine, validamine, valiolamine and validoxylamines
Medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical scientists, particularly those working on the development of novel antibiotics and antidiabetic drugs; biomedical scientists; agricultural chemists; academic researchers and postgraduates studying medicinal chemistry
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. An Introduction to Validamycins and Their Derivatives
1.1 Importance of Antibiotics
1.2 Agricultural Antibiotics for Plant Pathogens
1.3 Validamycins: Magic Agricultural Antibiotics
1.4 Aims of the Work
Chapter 2. Production of Validamycins
2.1 Discovery of Validamycins
2.2 Microbes for Producing Validamycins
2.3 Production and Isolation of Validamycins and Related Natural Compounds
2.4 Structures, Characterization, and Properties of Validamycins and Related Natural Compounds
2.5 Biosynthesis of Validamycins
2.6 Detection of Validamycin A
2.7 Microbial Degradation of Validamycin A
2.8 Cloning, Expression, and Deficiency of Genes in the Validamycin Biosynthesis and Their Applications
2.9 Fermentation Process for Production of Validamycins
Chapter 3. Bioactivities of Validamycins and Related Natural Compounds
3.1 Antifungal Activities
3.2 Enzyme Inhibitory Activities
3.3 Insecticidal Activity of Validoxylamine A and Related Compounds
Chapter 4. Chemical Synthesis of Validamycin and Related Natural Compounds
4.1 Synthesis of Valienamine
4.2 Synthesis of epi-Valienamine
4.3 Synthesis of Valiolamine
4.4 Synthesis of Validamine
4.5 Synthesis of Hydroxyvalidamine
4.6 Synthesis of Validoxylamines
4.7 Synthesis of Validamycins
Chapter 5. Voglibose: An Important Drug for Type 2 Diabetes
5.1 Chemical Structures of Various Pseudoaminosugar Glucosidase Inhibitors
5.2 α-D-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity N-Substituted Valiolamine Derivatives and Related Compounds
5.3 Physicochemical Properties of Voglibose and Drug Summary
5.4 Preparation of Voglibose
5.5 Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics
5.6 Clinical Efficacy
5.7 Safety and Tolerability
5.8 Comparison With Other Drugs of Acarbose and Miglitol
5.9 Market and Development
Chapter 6. N-Octyl-β-Valienamine and N-Octyl-4-epi-β-Valienamine: Two Highly Potent Drug Candidates for Chemical Chaperone Therapy
6.1 Chaperone Therapy
6.2 N-Octyl-β-valienamine for Chaperone Therapy of Gaucher Disease
6.3 N-Octyl-4-epi-β-valienamine for Chaperone Therapy of GM1-Gangliosidosis
6.4 Future Perspectives and Conclusion
Chapter 7. Prospects and Concluding Remarks

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