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Williams Obstetrics 24/E [Hardcover]

Williams Obstetrics 24/E [Hardcover]


McGraw - Hill

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Williams Obstetrics is the most detailed, comprehensive, and rigorously referenced text on the subject.

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Written by an author team from the world-renowned Parkland Hospital, the hallmarks of this classic are its thoroughness, scientific basis, and practical applicability for the obstetrician at the bedside. This edition of Williams Obstetrics continues to emphasize the scientific-based underpinnings and evidence-based practices of the specialty. This is accomplished by using incorporating more than 3,000 new literature citations and guidelines from the most trusted professional and academic organizations.
One of the important features of the twenty-fourth edition is a greater focus on the fetus as a patient and an expanded discussion of fetal diagnosis and therapy. This is complemented by more than 100 new sonographic and MR images of common fetal abnormalities. A new reorganization of the text enables the book to highlight more effectively the myriad disorders that may complicate pregnancy.
Williams Obstetrics provides a convenient, clinically relevant text of value to the busy practitioner. The book summarizes important new data that has influenced evidence-based management to improve pregnancy outcomes. Much of this data is conveniently distilled into newly created tables and diagnostic and treatment algorithms. During discussion, numerous sources are cited to provide evidence-based options for patient management. Additionally, nearly 900 images complement the text, many of which are new or enhanced. These include sonograms, MR images, photographs, diagrams, and graphs. This edition of Williams Obstetrics continues to provide clinicians with everything they need to know about the practice of obstetrics with a level of authority and quality of presentation not found in any other resource.

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